Lead RoR Developer for Awesome + Funded London Social Recruiting StartUp, (Full-time, Anywhere)

Where: Likeminds

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Contact: Marc Maleika



Lead RoR Developer for Awesome + Funded London Social Recruiting StartUp, (Full-time, Anywhere)

Job Description
We’re looking for a lead Ruby on Rails developer that takes crazy pride in their code but still knows how to hit deadlines. Your code is going to be the backbone of our company and is going to be the driving force in helping us to achieve our mission: to revolutionize the recruitment industry through social technology.

You’ll be the lead developer, employee hire #2 and a full time member of our team. Some of us work remotely; some of us work in our office in Shoreditch, London, UK. We’re cool with you either way.

About Likeminds
Likeminds is a social recruiting platform. With Likeminds, hiring managers can digitize and scale their employee referrals programs and turn every employee into a recruiter. Why is this cool? Companies find better people, employees work with their mates and candidates don’t need to apply - the jobs they like are pushed to them. Likeminds is turning the recruitment industry upside down and empowering people through awesome technology.

Following our participation at Springboard, Europe’s ♯1 accelerator and generating positive metrics from our alpha testing, we have successfully raised a juicy round from a “tier 1” VC, created a top tier advisory board (Check out Russell Buckley on www.mobhappy.com) and signed up blue-chip beta clients. All this happened in the last 6 months, and we like to keep up the pace.

For more info about us:
URL: http://www.getlikeminds.com
Twitter: @GetLikeMinds
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getlikeminds

Go to http://bit.ly/18MLrBp to find more about the job and apply for this position!