CTO / technical co-founder

Where: Startup Manufactory

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Contact: Matt Kuppers



I just started a tech startup incubator with a few clients in the pipeline and office space in central London near Bank.
The business idea is providing mvp/prototype development, business model validation, marketing/seo plus fundraising support for people looking to start a tech business in exchange for cash and equity. The target audience are individuals working in corporate London looking to start a business but are hesitant to drop out because of the risks involved.
Startup Manufactory mitigates the risk by developing, testing, marketing the prototype and eventually facilitates finding the right VC/angel. Once the project is has been funded the individual can then leave their corporate job and become an entrepreneur.
Startup Manufactory has been incorporated in mid-Jan, has currently client contracts worth £30k and has taken up office in central London. My vision is to become UK’s no 1 start-up building company and build a reputable brand leading to internationalisation. Having signed up a few clients and working on several projects myself already, I am now in need of a technical co-founder to complement me with the following skill-set:
WordPress/Joomla/Drupal Development
UI/UX Design
On-page SEO basics
I have a background in social sciences, turned entrepreneur, two-time co-founder and start-up consultant with over 6 years of digital experience including venture capital, co-founding start-ups from scratch, SEO and SMM. I have a strong network in the London start-up community, am affiliated with Said Business School, Startup Leadership Program and am also mentoring with Startupbootacamp FinTech, Oxygen Accelerator and I am also Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence with London Business School.
If you want to be technical co-founder of a tech incubator in central London, get your hands dirty with multiple startups at the same time and love the thriving startup world and make this a success, then lets talk.