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CTO/Project Manager Latitude - Cloud based design agency

Where: Latitude

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Contact: Kim Ing

+44 20 8638 0981


This is a position for a Project Lead. The Project Lead interfaces with the Tech Team and the Business Team to manage business requirements and technical implementation of those requirements, to set deadlines and budget. The Project Lead advises on resources required, translates verbal briefs into tech development stages and is responsible for managing new releases and QA-ing.
The Project Lead works side by side with the Business Director. Conducting daily weekday calls whether face-to-face or over skype to manage current projects and forecast future development.

Since this is a small company there will be growth. You, as the ideal Project Lead candidate are an experienced Ruby on Rails developer that has in the past elevated into a Project Lead position. You need to have experience in software development. This includes:
- Developer
- UI/UX design / Functional Speccing
- Q/A
- System administration
- User support

- 3+ years of project management in a creative agency environment.
- An eye for detail.
- Great management and communication skills.
- Experience with productivity tools and customer service software such as Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker and
- Create / Monitor / Manage time, resource allocation, budget, goals and milestones.
- Work Remotely

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