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Ruby dev/Tech Lead for Latitude Cloud based design agency

Where: Latitude

Date Posted:

Contact: Kim Ing

+44 20 8638 0981

£50 - £55k

This is a position for a Tech Lead/Back-End Developer.
As a new business, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our service offering with unique and forward thinking technologies. As one member of a Tech Team of three (Project Lead, Front-End Developer and Tech Lead/Back-End Developer), your role will be varied and of high impact and responsibility on the business.

- Constantly improve and maintain our Client/Designer workflow.
- Maintenance and Improvement of our Collaborative Design Tool: Build upon a real-time, push notification collaborative design application which is core to our user communication.
- Pricing recommendations: Help designers understand their worth; build an automatic pricing system based on millions of designer skillsets.
- Designer recommendations: Help clients understand which designers might be best suited for their needs, using a rating system.
- Data quality: Create algorithms to automatically improve the quality of our designers listed.
- Translate business needs into well-defined and scoped functionality.
- Implement new functionality, improve existing infrastructure

- 3+ Years Experience using Ruby-on-Rails in a production environment.
- Has project management and agile development experience.
- Strong CS fundamentals gained through Bachelor’s degree in CS, Math or related discipline or equivalent industry experience.
- Personal projects that show an aptitude for engineering.
- Ability to work in areas outside of their usual comfort zone and maintain productivity.

Very Desirable:
- Experience using HTML 5/CSS 3/Javascript/AJAX/Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Engine Yard, Heroku in a production environment.
- Experience building and administering systems related to payments, API and recommendation engines.

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