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Web developer

Where: 1863

Date Posted:

Contact: Eugenio Triana

(0044) 7816349076


I'm looking for a web developer to collaborate with me on a site to distribute a film online, DRM0-free.

I shot a feature for a year on weekends on Super 16mm that I am looking to release exclusively online. I want to make a very simple website to do this. The idea would be to allow users to stream for free, and pay a small fee for a DRM-free .mp4 file.

The website will just need to be: the rectangle for showing eighty minutes of video, a description of the aim, a payment feature, and the art background. Due to its simplicity, a good eye for design would be useful, as the front and only page needs to make an impact straight away.

A comparable site to what I'm trying to do would be panel syndicate, which Brian K Vaughan has used to distribute his new comic series online only: ( The aim of the site is very simple and straightforward, with no frills.

I have no budget and can't pay a salary but I thought this might be a cool project to work on for a developer interested in films and digital distribution. I'm happy to cover beers and meals.