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Where: Gitoon

Date Posted:

Contact: David Zokhrabyan

+44 7766167997


Are you a brilliant young developer? Do you want to work for a startup that aims to become the next big thing?

Here at Gitoon we work hard since the company that we are building is not for sale.

You are a young developer who wants to take on a serious project in an exciting new start-up where you can experience all the beauty of a small, friendly company. You’re not looking to work at a company that's going to be sold off when the next big thing comes along. You want to work side by side with the founding team to create that next big thing.

Who are we looking for?

...If you thrive on complicated technical tasks and disruptive ideas

...If you are ready to work hard with the team to make the world a better place

...If you want to be a developer who has input across all areas of the company

We want to hear from you!

Gitoon is a one of a kind self-managing publisher platform and media channel. We provide an opportunity for creative people to submit their content and get published if their work is good. Just imagine a place where creative people from around the world could submit their work and the best of it would be seen by the public. Sounds pretty cool, but how could all that content possibly be managed? We at Gitoon know how to solve that problem. This is not just another social network... it’s way more.

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