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Super Psyched Developer and Co-Founder

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Creating engaging tools & content for more investigative approaches to language learning.

[ The goal ]

* To create a well focused, but unique technological offering to augment the learning experience, and to complement the services already at the learner's disposal.

[ What will this actually be? ]

* A collaborative online environment rich with professional and user generated content in many languages, used for the purposes of language learning.

* Web & Mobile applications, based on real language contexts, leveraging clever algorithms to deliver highly engaging learning activities.

[ Immediate objectives ]

* Create some prototype mobile applications to demonstrate the vision to potential investors. And to generate funding itself through paid-for iOS/Android/... applications.

* Construct the backend datastore/ algorithms/ and API.

[ Technologies ]

Mobile apps - The demands of the application require fairly low level control thus we will go `native`! The chosen development path is to use Nokia Qt/QML - allowing C++ to be used where needed but benefiting from rapid Javascript based UI development.

The goal is to have a single code base for the mobile applications - "each platform as separate project" is not a great workflow, but may suffice for quick prototypes.

For the backend - MongoDB for the datastore and Node.js for cloud and web services.

[ Current state of the project ]

* Development of prototypes as a means for generating interest and hopefully some finance!

* Applying for startup incubators.

[ Unpaid but equity to be shared ]

A co-founder agreeing to take on the risk and join the development team will be rewarded with a significant stake in the business.

[ What are we looking for in a co-founder ]

* Technical expertise - ideally a recent graduate of Computer Science
* ability to take on diverse tasks
* Keen entrepreneurial spirit
* Availability to work unpaid in the initial phase