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Web (Server-side) Developer

Where: VouChaCha

Date Posted:

Contact: Julian Polzella

VouChaCha is a rapidly growing mobile technology company, working with some of the largest UK brands and coolest mobile technologies to deliver location based discounts directly to your mobile phone. Our technologies support 2k+ retailers and 2m+ users. We are managed by a young team of proven technology and marketing professionals, working with companies such as Orange, T-mobile, and to revolutionize mobile marketing.

We're recruiting outstanding developers to join our amazing team, get in-touch if you have the following:

- Commercial Object-oriented web experience (PHP, JavaScript, HTML5), including a broad understanding of design patterns, scalable code and redundancy techniques.
- Commercial Web Framework/Library experience (Zend or similar), including technology stack understanding/optimisation.
- Commercial Database experience (MYSQL or PostgreSQL or similar), including server/design/ query optimization for large data sets and normalization/de-normalization techniques.
- Can thrive in a busy business/innovation lead, productive and ambitious environment.
- Experience working with high traffic websites.

The following attributes are not required but are highly recommended for the role:

- Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience.
- Code repository experience (SVN, GIT), including release management, branching and merging.
- Modern web technologies experience with Node.js, NGINX, MongoDB, HBase etc.
- Algorithm design/optimization experience, including recursive logic/math problems and/or data mining.
- Linux CLI experience, including Apache (or similar) configuration, user management and web traffic analysis.
- Commercial Web API experience (Auth, JSON, Parsing, cURL, SOAP, REST and SOA), including building/maintaining API’s and supporting staging/testing/production environments.