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HTML/CSS Developer / Drupal Themer (London)

Where: BrightLemon

Date Posted:

Contact: Edward Davies

Are you a front end web developer with excellent HTML and CSS skills? Do you understand the need for web standards and how to use them efficiently? Do you have Drupal Theming skills or, if not, want to learn how to work with one of the fastest growing and most finely constructed open source web platforms?

We are looking for a HMTL/CSS front end guru with a solid foundation in web standards.

This role is all about creating quality front end deliverables using Drupal. You will work with designers (in-house and external) to turn a creative deliverable into a web standards compliant, validated HTML/CSS front end. Over the coming months - depending on your level of Drupal theming expertise we will also train you how to create Drupal themes by combining your front end skills with Drupal's theming layer. This is an excellent opportunity to upskill in Drupal or to improve your existing Drupal knowledge.

Have somebody in mind? Let us know who and you could receive a £250 referral fee.

To apply please send your CV and 2 URLs explaining your work to: