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Web Developer

Where: Fancy Footy

Date Posted:

Contact: Anatole

If you’re fan of football and pretty skilled in web development, this might be a role you should seriously consider!

/ Role /
One-off contract - Web Developer (PHP / MySQL)

/ About us /
As for all those who are playing football every week, we’ve quickly realised how boring it was to manage the flood of a tentacular mailing list for organising our weekly games. We want to build a handy solution called Fancy Footy that will simplify the game organisation process by using automated email script and a small and fancy web interface.

At the early stage of the project we need a web developer to build a beta version of the process.
The objective is to design a minimum viable product (MVP) and the workload is estimated to be few workdays.

/ The role /
You’ll build the scripts and integrate the web interface.
All the preparatory work (user journey, interface design, process) have already been made, so it should be quite straightforward.
We’re looking for someone that knows, or willing to learn, how to write email scripts.

If you enjoy the experience we will be more than happy to work again with you for the upcoming releases. Reliability and interest for the project are key so as to eventually work on a long-term basis.

Fee: negotiable

Technology: PHP / MySQL

Interested? Send us an email at