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Where: TCanswers

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Contact: Mike Brown

I'm looking for help from Google Campus members and the London Tech community to get out to everyone it can be of use to.

TCanswers is a Question and Answer site that is free to use. You may come here to ask a question, suggest a solution to a problem someone has, or just browse around for a topic that may interest you.

The best part is that TCanswers was setup for the use of start-ups and tech enthusiasts that are based in and around Tech City London (but is open to anyone). It is powered by the community (a.k.a. You!). You have full control of the questions and answers on this site. With your expertise you can help others to solve a problem quickly, find expert advice or collaborate on projects.

It was the idea of a 24 year old Google Campus member, who saw the need for a centralised support community for all the new and existing start-ups springing up in and around London.