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Entrepreneur in Residence

Where: Forward Labs

Date Posted:

Contact: Evgeny Shadchnev

A successful startup needs a combination of skills to stand a chance of success.

We match entrepreneurs with potential co-founders and mentors, pay a competitive salary and give marketing, development, UI/UX and legal support to help them find, test and scale successful ideas in exchange for equity.

Forward Labs aims to provide as much support as possible, so that the entrepreneur could focus on building new companies.

We will expect you to
- Be a self-starter with a long-term vision and product sense
- Know how to fail fast in a meaningful way and learn from failures
- Embrace customer development to build a product that solves an real problem
- Form, lead and inspire your team
- Be unrepentantly masochistic on hitting numbers
- Be sceptical of outside advice and trust your own judgement

We would expect you to have started companies or have worked on your own ideas in the past.

To apply, send us links to what you feel represents you best: cv, LinkedIn/Github/HackerNews/Twitter profiles, portfolio, blog etc. Our application process is fast.