Job Detail

Contract: UX / Interaction Designer

Where: Surevine Ltd

Date Posted:

Contact: Laura Gill

Surevine are looking for a contract User Experience/Interaction Designer who passionately believes that technology should be tailored to the way people live and work (not the other way round); and who has the ability to design within real-world constraints and solve practical interface problems.

This role is the lynchpin of our design process. Come armed with a seemingly endless supply of solution ideas for the problems at hand, ready to refine and evolve design through discussions with the project team.

Later, you'll bring the design to life with journey maps, wireframes and functional prototypes.

As you’ll see from our website, we develop secure collaboration platforms for use within and between organisations. Our UIs are web-based, so you’ll need to have plenty of experience of web applications; an interest in mobile would also be beneficial.