Job Detail

Medtech Messiah (CTO)

Where: Cupris

Date Posted:

Contact: John Hatton


What do healthcare diagnostic tools look like in the App world? Can you imagine the opportunity to redesign healthcare delivery from scratch? Cupris develop medical devices that change the way patients will be treated. What we now need is a visionary developer to join the founding team, who shares our passion for disruption and desire to put their business skills and creativity to good use.

We have

1 A founding team (minus you): a doctor ,a designer and 2 experienced business people.
2 Funding from a seed investor with matched UK government grant and business incubator backing
3 Patented medical devices that use smartphones to transform how healthcare is delivered
4 On-going medical trials that will demonstrate our devices’ potential
5 A vast network of professionals across the UK healthcare market, eager to implement our solutions

What we need

1 Our final founding member
2 A visionary developer
3 Someone who can lead the development and work with healthcare practitioners

The service comprises of patient medical record and remote referral system hosted securely in the cloud accessed by web services and iOS and Android devices