Job Detail

IT Generalist

Where: Poncho 8

Date Posted:

Contact: Ben Tyrer



This is not your usual IT job, we are looking for a real Tech Wizard!

The Job

You will be responsible for developing, maintaining and optimising the IT systems and websites of a portfolio of our businesses. Your tasks will be varied and range from simple maintenance tasks to developing efficient real time management information systems, for example:
• Developing, maintaining and optimising websites, apps and e-commerce platforms, including payment systems.
• Integration of EPOS, labour, stock ordering, enabling management to optimise their business
• Facilitate our social media platforms, enabling us to optimise this route to market
• Be instrumental in implementing customer facing technology into our retail businesses.
• Proactively identify areas, where our businesses can utilise technology to become market leaders and gain competitive advantage.

Poncho is a company with a "start-up" feel so we want people who are attracted to that.

It is also a more attractive proposition because Poncho comes with more financial stability and security.