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Digital Marketing Exec (PPC / SEO / SEM)

Where: Y-cam

Date Posted:

Contact: James

We’re a fast growing technology company based in Richmond. We’re changing the world with innovative internet cameras that allow people to see their stuff from wherever they are - from desktops, tablets or smartphones. We build our own hardware, we build our own apps, we win awards, and we have plans for world domination.

We are looking for a digital marketer to join our team. You will be analytical, living and breathing conversion rates, metrics, A/B testing and continuous improvement. The core focus of the role is to improve conversion rates and drive traffic to our website, online shops, blog, online listings and marketing communications.

Responsibilities include :
* Running, managing, monitoring and optimising PPC campaigns across a range of search engines and websites including Google, Bing and Amazon
* Contributing to company digital marketing campaigns
* Monitor, analyse and identify areas of opportunity online and on our website to increase revenue and reach, through content, conversion, usability and design
* Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of all digital marketing
* Perform website and messaging analysis, making amendments/suggestions for improvement, using A/B testing and analytics
* Spotting new search opportunities and keywords
* Analyse online product listings and optimise
* Link building research and looking for potential advertising partners online
* Monitor market trends and competitor activity
* Prepare and analyse daily, weekly and monthly reports on customer metrics from our website and apps
* Manage contact databases
* Email marketing management and improvement
* Deliver the social media strategy for the company and run social promotions
* Affiliate setup and marketing
* Manage updates to the company websites

Apply through Campus, or through the Y-cam website