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My name is Yan, I’m 19 years old, I am a regular attendee at the Campus. Since the age of 16 I have come up with product/business ideas for some of the biggest companies in the world; Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony, HP, Blockbuster, Tesco, BT, Virgin, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, SanDisk, Yahoo, UPS, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, JD Sports, Rockstar Games, Infinity Ward, Casio as well as many of my own and so I this leads me to the purpose of this post.

The project:

I have come up with a unique and innovative ecommerce web portal idea that will revolutionise the way we discover and connect with the world around us. The idea behind the platform is to make real world tangible things, places, businesses, organisations and everything in between such as products and services, searchable in a whole new unique and effective way. The platform enables businesses to communicate, reward customers and generate customer loyalty and awareness about their business.

Think Google for real life and then imagine this as an even more efficient, robust search tool for anything you want and need.It is based on the idea that anyone at any time may want something; thus encouraging the world to publicise what products or services they offer to public who may want them. With this idea, I am looking to make the world discoverable and I’m hoping to partner with a developer (s) who shares my vision.


I am not a technical person but more the product/marketing side of things. And so Im looking for a Developer (s) Front and/or Back end (mainly) to join me in this adventure in building the next big thing.

I have the idea visually illustrated on a document/plan and I strongly believe my idea is a game changer and I’m hoping to make this happen.

If interested please drop me a line at ( ) or call me directly 07903185343 and we can discuss it further

“Here’s to the crazy ones”