Job Detail

Lead Developer

Where: Cupris Health

Date Posted:

Contact: Mike Pallett

About Us

Cupris Health is developing mobile medical devices that attach to your smartphone, taking care out of hospitals and into your home. We want to make healthcare better, more convenient and cost less.

Cupris Health is led by an award winning mobile device designer and a senior UK consultant surgeon. We have extensive experience in starting and growing businesses, taking products and services from concept to the market. We also have in-depth insight and knowledge of the healthcare industry with excellent networks and direct access to the UK healthcare market.

Job Description

As our first technical lead, this exciting opportunity means you will be responsible for developing a revolutionary digital health service. This will entail building and scaling the supporting systems and team alongside a growing business.

Dealing with sensitive patient information, information governance is of paramount importance. You have an excellent understanding of data security
and experience in implementing secure systems. You will be working across the full business development lifecycle, understanding business requirements, planning, developing, and deploying cloud-based services.

Required Job Qualifications

- BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
- Strong algorithms and data structures background
- Experienced Java developer
- Scripting language, html5, CSS and general front end experience
- Good Knowledge of relational databases/SQL
- Experience of working in agile environments
- Experience with software engineering best practices (e.g. unit testing,
code reviews, design documentation)
- Self-guided and able to take an intuitive lead, but must excel in a team
environment. Strong initiative and communication skills required!
- Ability to meet hard deadlines
- Experience in a commercial environment
- Experience of designing scalable web applications architecture
- An interest in design