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Freelance Python Developer


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Contact: Nimesh Thakrar



Looking for an experienced developer to contribute to the progress of a beta site underway for Banneya, which is related to 3d printing and e-commerce.

Banneya is an exciting and potentially highly disruptive venture that you’ll hopefully find refreshing and challenging. We are not another typical e-commerce site or social media app! It is based at London Business School near Baker Street.

- Should have 3+ years experience in Python development and frameworks such as Flask/Django
- Previously worked on development of custom build e-commerce sites
- Familiarity with complex databases and versed at integrating third-party API’s relevant to the site
- Ability to communicate concepts, progress and issues with ease and manage expectations
- Ability to work efficiently and comfortably with other developers
- Can work remotely but be available for in-person and Skype meetings

There is a currently a good developer working on the project, however he is working full time so is only able to contribute evenings and weekends.

Thus you’d be helping speed things up!

(no agencies please)