Job Detail

Full-Stack Developer, Summer Intern

Where: Bungaloow

Date Posted:

Contact: Elmar Gasimov


Bungaloow is a privately funded tech startup in the lettings industry. We made it our mission to transform an old and overpriced industry by offering simple solutions to landlords and tenants.

We are looking for a talented full-stack developer intern to join our agile team. It is a paid summer internship for up to 3 months. If we are all happy, then the right candidate will be offered a full time job. We all work remotely, but we meet up once every morning for standup, so you have to be within close commute to London. (We can make an exception for the right candidate).

Our culture:
- Keep it simple.
- Code is Art.
- Great artists ship.
- Don’t let your team down.
- It’s not about the book; it’s about the story.
- Work should be liberating.
- Open source is the second best thing after the Internet.

The perks:
- You will develop your coding and interpersonal skills.
- Become part of a small, driven and insanely smart team.
- You will have a lot of responsibility from day one.
- You won’t be just developing and will be involved in all areas of the business.
- If you are good, we can offer you a job at a competitive salary.
- Dinner and drinks on Wednesdays.

- Should be really good in one or several programming languages (ideally Python, Ruby, Node.js or Java/Groovy).
- Know your way around a NOSQL database (ideally MongoDB, CouchDB, MemcacheDB or Redis).
- Proficient with HTML and CSS.
- Experienced in Object-Oriented JavaScript.
- Experienced with GitHub.
- A portfolio of various apps and projects.

Preferred qualifications:
- Rock star Node.js developer and you have developed several apps with Express/Restify and Mongo.
- Experienced with one front-end JavaScript framework (e.g. Backbone, Angular or Ember.js).
- Familiar with SOLID principles and software design patterns.
- Photoshop/Sketch

If this sounds like you then please apply with a CV, a little bit about yourself and ideally a GitHub account.