Job Detail

Head of Software Engineering

Where: POD Point

Date Posted:

Contact: Erik Fairbairn

0207 247 4114


About Us:

POD Point is awesome - About 1 in 3 electric vehicle charges on our products. Now, whenever someone charges their electric car, we want them to do so using our software platform, and we need your help to do that!

We are a young, dynamic team of 20 people – we work crazy hard and produce some amazing products. We're respected throughout the EV infrastructure industry. Oh, and we are profitable.

What we need:

We need you to look after and develop a range of software products from our Pay to Charge system (we want to replace petrol pumps with this), to our unique grid load management tool (we want to get rid of a few power stations with this one), to our EV charge asset management package (to help get large corporates on our mission).

You will be a key member of our SMT responsible our consumer and enterprise software products - You’ll inherit our team of developers and be expected to build our software capability from there. You'll be looking after all aspects of our software development from our hardware, through our DB, APIs, web applications mobile applications, to our development tools, processes and systems.

Salary - £70k

Before you apply, do the check list:

- You will have c5 years experience working within rapid growth SMEs or startup
- You will have lead a small team which can do all aspects of software development.
- You will be hands on – not just a project manager, or resource allocator
- You live and breathe our software stack - PHP, Zend 2, Bootstrap 3, MYSQL, AWS, Github, Jenkins, Jira, etc.
- You are a hero – you can do anything, manage, direct, code, fix the email, run the software dev team, all that before lunch.
- Nothing is impossible when you are looking after it – once you start, you keep going until you win. Always.
- You are young at heart, with infinite energy
- Your favourite books are:
- Lean Startup
- Rework (37 Signals)