Job Detail

CTO - (Part Time)

Where: FirstClick Digital

Date Posted:

Contact: Ovie Oba


£500 p/m + Part Ownership

Firstclick Digital, London is delighted to offer this position to a discerning and dedicated software development enthusiast. The Chief Technical Officer is expected to have the skills in creating and managing the website/software development, testing and QA functions of the beta versions.

You will be fully conversant and experienced in the "MySQL Database; PHP; JQUERY; HTLM5" software development technologies.

Key Responsibilities include:
Management and the Development of the Beta version Test/QA teams with appropriate guidance.

To develop a deep knowledge of our existing products and applications and how they can best be developed

Create and maintain appropriate documentation to track the status of all Development projects and disseminate this information throughout the company

To strive to achieve the milestones set for the projects and keep within agreed budgets and if these are at risk then inform Directors immediately

Maintain a calm and analytical disposition

Show the ability to work independently

To be task completion oriented.

We have strong connections with potential seed investors and venture capitalist firms, and are well positioned to take this project to market in the shortest possible time.

For the successful CTO, Chief Technology Officer, you will be rewarded with a remuneration package of up to £500 per month, access to an extensive benefits package and most importantly an opportunity to have part ownership in an exciting new international technology.
Initially, this will be a part time opportunity.