Job Detail

UI developer for 3D printing software

Where: The Invention Works

Date Posted:

Contact: Arian Aghababaie

Hello, we’re The Invention Works™, a young, innovative start-up based in Hackney, East London. Our mission is to empower people to create by developing an affordable, high-resolution 3D printer that is simple to use and beautifully designed.

We are seeking a talented software engineer, who is passionate about 3D modelling to join us. You would become a key member of our core team working with us to disrupt the 3D printing industry!

Must-have skills:

• Proficiency in C/C++ and Qt (or other cross platform framework)
• Experience in developing software architecture
• 3D modelling and graphics programming knowledge i.e. OpenGL

Added bonus:

• Some knowledge of 3D printing
• A maker/tinkerer
• Familiarity with the open-source platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

If this is you, get in touch! Please forward a CV or list of projects you’ve recently worked on and we’ll let you know more about this role.