Job Detail

Marketing & Social Media Internship

Where: Startup Weekend

Date Posted:

Contact: Katie Finley


Interested in tech, startups or entrepreneurship? Our European headquarters are based in the Google Campus in the heart of London’s tech scene, and we’re seeking a fast-learning, highly social individual to join our European team.

Responsibilities: Marketing & Social Media internship

* Manage a growing and diverse European start-up community through a variety of social media platforms
* Generate relevant and engaging content for the European blog
* Leverage the SW Europe platform to increase visibility for various Startup Weekend events across Europe
* Use a variety of marketing channels to drive the SW Europe brand and craft the SW Europe voice
* Manage our monthly European newsletter that reaches 8K+ subscribers
* Communicate via email in a professional and friendly manner

Take-aways for you:

* Be able to get your hands dirty managing marketing and communications for a branch of an organization with a global presence
* Begin building an extended network of prominent individuals in the global entrepreneurship/tech community
* Have the opportunity to travel to Startup Weekend events around the globe
* Work out of the Google Campus, the very center of London’s vibrant tech community
* Internship is unpaid, but monthly Oyster card cost covered (Zones 1+2)
* Help make a dent in the universe

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and looking to get immersed into the world of startups. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter and a hard worker with a background in Marketing, Social Media, and/or Communications.

How to apply:

Please send the following to your resume, links to your online presence (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and a short cover letter on what interests you about Startup Weekend and why you are suited for this position.