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We thirst for more creative blood

Where: Checkout

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Contact: Emilie Viallon

You're a rockstar. You will live forever and your senses sharpen at night. You have sharp teeth and willing to explore uncharted terrain. You want to work with a blood thirsty team, that are adaptable, versatile and professional with their words. You are a self learner and don't shy away from tight deadlines. You think big, and don't believe in the status-quo.

In you coffin we will find:
5+ years of experience designing web sites and web applications in fast paced environment
An overwhelming desire to create the best web sites on the universe
A burning need to push into its next evolutionary stage
The ability to work collaboratively across disciplines (IA, Interaction design, code) and ideas about how to grow the intersections between them
A powerful intellectual curiosity
A strong sense of craftsmanship
A year or three working a crap job in the restaurant industry
Good connections down under
From prototype to launch, you will have ownership over each step in the creative process. You'll create the experience and then work with our engineering team for the execution. the ideal candidate for this role must have an excellent online portfolio (with URL of course) and good experience with HTML and CSS.