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Mid-weight Web/Mobile Developer

Where: Noodle Live

Date Posted:

Contact: Gary Pearman


£35,000 – £40,000 p.a.

Come join team Noodle at our offices in Shoreditch, London - we use a unique combination of RFID/NFC and mobile apps for events.

You will need to be comfortable with front-end and back-end web development, as well as have some experience working on native iOS/Android applications.

You’ll be a good all round developer, who is keen to work in an environment where unit tests and continuous integration are a core part of the development process.

You’ll know how to write code that is clean, reusable, stable, well-tested and well-documented.

You’ll not be afraid of trying new frameworks or languages, and you’ll need to be somebody who is able to operate under their own steam.


* 4-6 years of web development experience in a Linux / OS X environment

* A Computer Science or Web Development related degree with a 2:1 or above

* Excellent knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and one or more PHP MVC frameworks
* Excellent application-level OO-Javascript skills (this means not jQuery!) and experience of one or more Javascript MVC frameworks (we use Angular-JS, but others are fine)

* Responsive web development and mobile API integration experience

* Knowledge and experience of using Doctrine or other

* One or more projects and / or contributions to projects on Github

* One or more iOS / Android apps in the app store

* Experience of using git, bash scripting, Apache configuration, Linux command line etc (you should know most of this off the top of your head)

* Experience of using SASS and CoffeeScript

* Experience of working with and possibly mentoring Junior developers


* You know what dependency injection, continuous integration and test-driven development are, and why / how to use them

* You should know of and / or have used some of the following: Composer, PHPUnit, Capistrano, Vagrant, NodeJS, Bower, Symfony components

* You have some experience leading / managing projects and teams