Job Detail

iOS Developer

Where: Design of Neelu

Date Posted:

Contact: Neelu Bhuman

We’re hiring an iOS Application Developer to develop our cutting edge dating application, The Clic, for the iPhone. You will work directly with the founder and the design director to understand the UX and UI design of the application and execute to develop a high-quality application in a fast paced environment. The successful candidate will have an established background in developing customer-facing experiences, a strong technical ability, excellent software engineering skills, great communication skills, and a motivation to achieve high-quality results.

Core Responsibilities:
- Build an iOS application from the ground up implementing features as provided by the UX and UI design
- Build a data storage service using Google App Engine to manage the shared application data
- Work with the founder and the design director to assess project requirements, explore technical dependencies and report estimates for deliverable fulfillment
- Continuously promote the investigation and reporting of available open API's and off-the-shelf solutions to maximize development efficiency
- Work closely with the founder and design director to improve product quality and functionality

Core Skills:
- Experience working with Cocoa/Objective-C on iOS.
- Experience working with Google App Engine, either Python or Java APIs
- Experience with commercially shipped, multiple versions of accepted applications to Apple app store
- Thorough familiarity with network and data storage technologies and their use on iOS.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to communicate complex technical information in a clear and concise manner.
- Proven ability to deliver in fast paced and collaborative environment.
- BSCS or related field (MSCS, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering preferred).