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Talented JS / HTML5 developer. outliers only, no advertising agencies mercenaries please.


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Contact: Frederick Tubiermont

This is an exciting mission for exciting people in an exciting startup.

We're looking for outliers, talented javascript developers with a solid mobile expertise. contract-based, max £350 ex VAT per day.
Part on-site in London, part remote (50/50).

before applying, please do your homework & review our website + any other info you might find about us by yourself. Send us at least 10 lines of pure motivation, not the usual copied-pasted "I'm excited by your product" thing ;-)

Our product (released in 12/2013):
a mobile web app enabling anyone to create & share mobile apps on the go
Check out
See the demo:
and two vision-related videos: and

Core skills:
Senior-level knowledge of JavaScript, with and without libraries.
Experience developing complex single-page JavaScript applications.
Solid understanding of prototypal JavaScript and OOP.
Solid understanding of JS performance best practices re: scalability, asynchronous (JSON) updates, animations,...
Good knowledge of browsers and Javascript-Engines.
Expertise in HTML5 and CSS3. Solid knowledge of node.js.
Experience working with APIs, either integrating a third- party API or creating your own when necessary. Proficient in version control systems (Git). Proven expertise in mobile development, preferably in mobile WEB development (our app will be available in the browser).

Keen eye for cutting edge design, i.e. having "good taste".

Mindset adapted to a bootstrapped / fast moving startup environment. Hands-on, creative, with a strong team spirit. Smiling, with a positive attitude, yes it matters.