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HTML, CSS & Javascript Programmers for Educational App

Where: Edible

Date Posted:

Contact: Eoin O Donnell

We’re looking for awesome programming volunteers to help build a mobile app that will change the way people learn forever. This is an excellent opportunity to test your creativity and innovation working for a start-up.

Our product allows users to learn more about their passions ‘on the move’. We’ll provide classes (both video and interactive) taught by experts for subjects such as languages, programming, crafts, food, music and photography.

So what are we looking for?

- Applicants from a Computer Science / Software Engineering background
- Strong programming skills with a good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS
- A committed creative thinker, keen to work in a stimulating environment

That’s it! Of course IOS/Android experience is a plus, but we’re open to applicants from a variety of backgrounds. As with the nature of the role (and size of the business) personality fit is key.

To apply please send your application and any relevant experience to: