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Mobile Developer

Where: BBrighter labs

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Contact: Peter Ouzounov


equity share

We are three young professionals – engineer, economist and graphic designer – who are creating unique mobile products for very large US consumer markets. Work has already begun on design, the technical modeling that will be a big part of our product, and of course we have a business plan. Overall, you could characterize us as in the product development stage.

We are looking for a developer to evenly share in our success and build his or her experience in completing a project. Needs ability to code for android, iOS or use efficient and reliable cross platform tools, and also experience with SQL and web data mining/scraping.

If you love working in a team, especially in person and are excited to eagerly take up leadership and responsibility, you might be perfect for us. We would love to meet, chat and present our business plan. Please reply with a little bit of info about yourself and your expertise, and the answer to "if you could have any super power, which super power would you have and why?" All three of us chose java mastery : )

Peter, Founder