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Co Founder of the next Online Dating plaform

Where: Secretly kept

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Contact: Guillaume Caubet


Hi there,

If you've landed on this page, it means that you know you won't find a job here. Here you have found a co founding opportunity. I'm not going to say the crap everybody says like "it's the next big thing". I obviously believe it is but we're all grown ups and we all know that what matters is execution.
So we have to execute perfectly to make it "The next big thing".

I'm the creative mind and biz dev guy of the project. The business model is pretty much set (open to suggestions).

What I'm looking for is an App/website Developer and a Designer.
(An entrepreneurial mind is welcome)

The strategy here is simple, we need to build a demo product to pitch it and get investment/incubation/whatever we can get to grow.

As said on the title, the industry we are aiming is Online Dating and rest assured that what I want to build doesn't exist yet.

Do you want to be part of a project from the very beginning? Are you willing to commit?

Show me you have that Start Up and entrepreneurial thirst by finding me in the several platforms we have on Internet to find partners, investors, employees... and we'll talk.

Thanks for your interest and looking forward to hearing from you