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Front End Developer

Where: Elliptic

Date Posted:

Contact: Tom Robinson

Elliptic is building a suite of enterprise services for cryptocurrencies to lay the groundwork for a new world of finance. We understand the huge disruptive potential of Bitcoin as a protocol and its use to implement distributed contracts, smart property, and more.

We are a small team of technical PhDs with a background in finance looking for bright individuals to grow our engineering team. We value people who are enthusiastic and who are keen to express their own ideas and contribute to the group. We work in an industry which is rapidly evolving, so need people who are open-minded and able to iterate quickly.


- develop and improve the client-side of our web-based financial services, collaborating with the back-end engineers.

- build responsive, beautiful front-ends using the latest technologies such as AngularJs.
create modular, reusable components for our single-page web apps.

- test ideas and features, enhance the scability of our websites.


- commercial experience taking projects 'to market'.

- strong knowledge of Javascript, AngularJs, Bootstrap and CSS, HTML.

- an eye for good design and exposure to design tools.

- experience consuming JSON APIs asynchronously over HTTP and websockets.

To apply, email with a CV and a bit about yourself.