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Social iPhone app needed

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Contact: Yan


Looking for a team/developer to build a social iPhone app for £1200.

The app will consist of geographic functionality to explore share around. Other functionality is instant live flash (Text) broadcasts, a home dashboard to post stuff and share pictures which is connected to a photo gallery/library. The app will also feature searching for people as well as being able to add people to your friend network, view their dashboard, friend network and library as well as just general user profile settings.

I have full blueprints of the app layout, functionality illustration as well as some pre-hand designs from the failed relationship to make your job easy and I am looking to partner with a creative and productive developer (s) who can capture the essence of the project to turn into a beautiful and functional application to launch on the app store. Just as I have been with all developers I have come in contact with, I will play a very active role in design, support and vision spending countless hours giving detailed visual insight and feedback.

I am working on something that matters to me deeply and I believe to the people who use it also and we are looking for the right person (s) to develop the concept as soon as possible, and so if interested please message me or get in touch and we can speak further.

Skype: yan.jsufay