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Web Developer / Engineer

Where: The Gecko Pad

Date Posted:

Contact: Stephen Corkin

07530 788233


We are a young, small, enthusiastic team embarking on an exciting start-up venture which has already received high acclaim from the 5 independent focus workshops held to date. The aim is to develop a high-end product which will go "viral" (global) within 6 months of launch. We have the vision, concept, ideas and determination....all we need is the expertise to translate that into a "hot" web and app based product.
The candidate must be Graduate / Post Graduate material with high energy and initiative. Willing to "get it done" and able to not only translate the ideas into a workable system but also provide input to better practise through the clever use of technology and application.
Sharing in the rewards of the business and becoming a key member of the company are "open" for discussion.
Introductory meetings will be held at The Campus and subject to the signing of a Non-Disclosure.
Sounds good ? Let's talk !