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JavaScript Developer

Where: Go Enrol

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Contact: Stephen Parkes

to be discussed

We are seeking a developer to further evolve our existing AngularJS and NodeJS based web site. Strong JavaScript skills are the most important element of this role, with an in depth knowledge of HTML and CSS also a must.

You will be working primarily on the front end of the web site using AngularJS to consume data from a JSON API. Experience with AngularJS or another JavaScript web framework would be highly beneficial. From time to time you may also need to modify or extend the JSON API, which powered by SailsJS and MongoDB. Knowledge of ExpressJS and Node.js on which SailsJS is based would be advantageous, as would a working knowledge of MongoDB.

In later stages of development there may also be opportunities to learn and become involved with BigData analysis and machine learning if you so desire, though this is not an immediate part of the role.