Job Detail

A Ninja Front-End Developer is needed!

Where: Checkout

Date Posted:

Contact: Emilie Viallon

You're a human or a robot, with a great deal of personality. You strive to find front end solutions that meets the customer's specific needs. You are a self learner and don't shy away from tight deadlines. You want to work with a team of superheroes Ninjas, that are adaptable, versatile and professional with their swords.

Your swords:
Strong HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills
Experience in HTML5 and CSS3, and how to gracefully degrade
JavaScript library experiece (jQuary, requireJS, handlebars.js, Angular.js, minification, HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, FlatUI)
Experience using different JavaScript design patterns for writing reusable, modular code.
You are passionate about the web, new technologies and mobile.
Experience in Version Control (Subversion or Git)
An eye for design and UI/UX
Mad Call of Duty skills
Lightsaber proficiency, and Nerf guns with loads of ammo (apparently we have Gremlins that eat Nerf darts, and we need a new supply)
If working in an uncompromising, high pace, low-politics environment sounds exciting for you, drop us a line. If you're on a horse, and the man our man can look like - drop us a line. We would love to talk more about technology, payments and the future of the web.

Please be prepared to provide examples of your work supporting the scope of your experience, and the strength of your Force.