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Internship Opportunity

Where: Tictrac

Date Posted:

Contact: JP Doumeng


Tictrac s a Lifestyle Design platform that syncs any piece of data you create about yourself into one, central lifestyle dashboard. We create visualizations of this data and powerful insights that allow users to better understand the factors that are influencing their health and make positive lifestyle changes as a consequence.

If you want to learn more about us, we were very fortunate to win Best New Company at Health 2.0 last October and have been extensively featured in the press:

We are looking for an intern with a passion for internet startups and a detailed design eye. The candidate must be able to use browser's developer tools to identify specific network requests made by a web app built heavily on 3rd party APIs.

• Good knowledge of HTML
• High level understanding of how web servers and APIs work
• Experience using browser developer/network tools
• Very, very good attention to detail
• Experience using fitness or life-tracking apps is a plus