Job Detail

Lead Developer and CTO

Where: temogo

Date Posted:

Contact: Will

£20k - £40k

About temogo
temogo is an ambitious project with an exciting vision for location-based social networking, a space which is yet to find its feet. It is essentially a graphically based messaging system, but with some key USPs which set it apart from the competition. It will initially be focussed on London but it will be easily scalable to other cities around the world; the concept is a natural monopoly so the goal is to be global.

Job Description
We want a bright and ambitious software engineer to build the MVP and take charge of the technical side as Lead Developer and CTO. Payment will be cash and equity; we want you to love the business as much as we do and become a full time co-founder.

We are a startup at an early but exciting stage, and as such need people who are entrepreneurial and can think for themselves. There is a huge amount of functionality we want to add as the project moves on so your role will be forever providing new challenges.

Skills and Requirements
You will know the best approach and skillset to achieve our goals, but there are some obvious areas of expertise that are important:
- Excellent proficiency with creating mobile apps in iOS, or Mobile Web
- Experience with mapping engines. Ultimately we see temogo maturing into a platform similar to Waze or Recce. Expertise in creating these 3D environments is highly desirable, but by no means essential.
- Large database management with high numbers of queries. Scalable back-ends and robust code will all make for an enjoyable user experience, but also a product that can cope with fast-increasing amounts of users.

Since it is paid, this is a relatively low-risk opportunity to play a major part in what will be a very exciting social networking venture. We have the right support network to make this work, we just need the technical lead to build it – this is where you come in!!