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Technical co-founder for Seedcamp finalist company

Where: Satago Ltd

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Contact: Steven Renwick


Cash & Equity

I'm the dreaded "MBA business guy" with an Internet startup that "just needs a technical guy". Could it get any worse? Well, I also worked for startup anti-heroes Rocket Internet until a couple of weeks ago.

...but please put down the pitchforks - I have some redeeming features!

I raised £30k via Seedrs late last year to start Satago. This year I have built the first version of the website with a freelance designer in the UK, and some contract developers in Russia. The v1 of the website is now fully-functioning and currently in closed-beta testing.

I was a finalist in Seedcamp Berlin earlier this year, and one thing that was impressed on me was that I need a technical co-founder. I agree.

Satago is currently built in Java, using Tapestry framework and PostgreSQL database.

I'm looking for someone who loves the Satago concept, particularly if they have worked freelance or in an agency and experienced late-paying customers. I'd prefer to continue development in Java, but I'm not married to it so we could start from scratch in another language. Nevertheless the ideal co-founder is either already good in Java, or ready and willing to pick it up and get up to speed.

Joining full-time would be dependent on me getting further funding (unless you really want to start full-time now!). I haven't really started pitching seriously yet, but off the back of Seedcamp I have some pretty good investor interest.

Equity etc to be discussed!

About me: in a former life I was a biologist, with a PhD in Genetics. So while I can't do much with Java, I used to be pretty good at hacking genetic code. I did my MBA at Oxford University in 2010-2011.