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Lead PHP Developer

Where: Intern Avenue

Date Posted:

Contact: Jessica Davis


This is an opportunity to take a lead role in the future development of our intern recruitment platform and business. You will help build a world-class team of developers that will take our platform to the global marketplace.

Our existing application is built on a LAMP stack. However, you will have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the architecture & technology stack so that we can successfully scale for global success across multiple devices and platforms.

It is essential you have:
•Experience in a lead or senior developer role in at least one large development project.
•Ability to write quality OO code in PHP and have experience with MVC frameworks.
•Fluency in two or more of: PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Perl, Java, Scala, C/C++.
•Full stack development experience.
•Experience designing web application architectures.
•Experience building Service Oriented Architectures and RESTful web services.
•Experience scaling web applications, as well as Internationalization & localization approaches.
•Experience with popular RDBMSs such as MySQL or Postgres, including schema design, performance analysis and tuning.
•Strong front-end web development skills in HTML 5, CSS / SCSS, JavaScript, JQuery/YUI.
•Good understanding of modern techniques such as Responsive Web Design and graceful degradation for older browsers.
•Experience in W3C standards, information architecture, accessibility and usability.
•Experience using a TDD & CI approach using tools such as Jenkins.
•Experience using Version Control Systems such as Git or SVN.
•Experience with Automated Acceptance Testing using tools such as Gherkin, Cucumber, and PhantomJS.
•Ability to work with business owners, developers and test engineers to write Acceptance Criteria.
•Experience working with operations teams to troubleshoot problems.
•Experience of Agile development processes and practices, including scrum, kanban, pairing and working in a collaborative team.