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Contact: Yan Jsufay


40% Equity


My name is Yan, I’m 19 years old. Since the age of 16 I have come up with product/business ideas for some of the biggest companies in the world; Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony, HP, Blockbuster, Tesco, BT, Virgin, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, SanDisk, Yahoo, UPS, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, JD Sports, Rockstar Games, Infinity Ward, Casio as well as many of my own and so I this leads me to the purpose of this post.

The project:

Amongst many game changing ideas. I am currently focusing on this game changing social network project that will be the last piece of the puzzle and the bigger picture to the social networking sphere.

Tt is a an open social network that aims to bring people and even strangers together by creating a platform for people to connect and share based on topics and internets created by them. The platform is the place where people have a discussion about their world and everything in between both publicly and privately.

It is everybody’s lounge or living room online, the place you hang out to discuss and share whilst meeting new people. The platform is the ultimate place for a collaborative digital community to unite in conversation, interests and movements. It’s the voice of users globally by having an engagement centric social network that is shaped solely by the people and the world around them.


I am not a technical person but more the product/marketing side of things. And so Im looking for a Developer (s) Front and/or Back end (mainly) to join me in this adventure in building the next big thing and the tool to truly unite people and internet users worldwide.

I have the idea visually illustrated on a document/plan and I strongly believe it will be a game changer and I’m hoping to make this happen.

If your interested in joining me on this journey please drop me a line at or Skype me yan.jsufay and we can discuss it further

“Here’s to the crazy ones”