Job Detail

Junior Front End Web Developer

Where: TechHub

Date Posted:

Contact: Hope Thomas


You'll be working in a flexible work environment where you can take your Macbook out of the office and work from the terrace, the cafe, or wherever you need to be to make your magic happen.

You need to be:

Great at HTML and CSS. We'll want to see websites that you've already built, and we'll ask you to write some code as part of the interview process.
Passionate about concepts like responsive design and semantic markup.
Comfortable with minimal briefs, frequent change, and constructive criticism
Interested in learning some IT administration skills

What will you get from this job?

Massive amounts of experience, using new technologies in a very agile environment. Your portfolio will be packed with achievements.
Learning. Not sure how to markup that weird document? No idea why you've got this weird CSS bug? Working at TechHub is like being plugged into StackOverflow. You’ll also get to attend education events, and receive lots of on the job training.
Working right at the centre of one of the world's most amazing tech scenes, your network will grow exponentially, and it will take you anywhere you want to go.
You'll be heavily involved in the wider London tech scene.

About Our Technology

Everything's hosted on AWS with Ubuntu.
We're building websites for each TechHub location, a member network, and there are lots of other bits of technology that need you (TVs, Raspberry Pis, toasters).
Our dev environment uses GitHub, Vagrant (and Dan will help you as much as you need with the setup). Use whichever code editor you want. Your machine will be a Mac of your choosing.

How to apply

Send your CV to We’d suggest you include links to your portfolio, GitHub profile, StackOverflow profile, or anything else that shows us some of what you’ve done.
Individuals only please. We do not accept any applications via agencies.
Please note that you need to be eligible to work in the UK.