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Systems Administrator

Where: ETFmatic

Date Posted:

Contact: Luis Rivera Gurrea-N


You will become a key member of a small, highly focused product development team.
You will be a thorough, maticulous and extremely security conscious systems engineer.
Focused on team and company goals and not just individual goals.
A good communicator, a good team player but also independent and self-managing.
A practical and methodical problem solver with the ability to think laterally
Decision making and ability to priorisize work and time according to team goals.

Experienced Linux systems administrator with a specialization in systems security.
Ownership, management and support of production environments.
Configuration management and application deployment across multiple system environments.
Experience of securing live production enrivonments.
Monitoring and reacting to security threats and potential security breaches.
Experience with security and penetration testing.
Experience working with virtulization technologies such as Xen.
Management of VPS's and VPN's and Xen based cloud services.
Data encryption - across networks and 'at rest'.
Management of SSL certificates, passwords, access policies and user management.

Working knowledge of server replication, redundancy, failover and backup.
LAMP software development.
Database/MySQL administration (replication, master-slave architectures).
Load balancing and performance tuning.