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Freelance CMS designer/developer

Where: Liquity

Date Posted:

Contact: Hannah Leach


We are seeking a freelance CMS designer/developer to join the team for 2-3 months. The role allows for remote and flexible working (including part time) with weekly team meetings in London.

We are looking for someone who wants to be part of growing the business, who will take a lead role in shaping the user experience and design of our new client-facing platform and provide creative input and idea generation along the way. You will be experienced working iteratively with both marketing and IT staff and can provide examples of previous wireframing and templating work.

- Work iteratively with the marketing and IT teams to define design requirements
- Deliver high quality site map and wireframes (pref. using balsamiq) within agreed timelines
- Apply best practice to the wireframing and design process
- Ensure LIQUITY client groups are kept at the centre of every design decision
- Follow a user-design led approach
- Design and build a range of template pages using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Preferably using Wordpress or Drupal
- Provide CMS experience and consultancy to the team
- Design and build CSS
- Strong PHP skills, and knowledge of existing Wordpress/Drupal modules.
- Work closely with the IT team to ensure smooth integration of data and to align design decisions with agreed technical architecture and site functionality
- Ensure web pages are mobile compatible and compliant with usability standards
- Develop features that retrieve data from a RESTful API.

The successful candidate will be self-motivated, have a strong desire to work collaboratively and creatively. He/she will ideally have a strong portfolio of previous site developments of similar scale and/or features and can demonstrate excellent Photoshop or Illustrator skills to design website graphics and icons.

We are open to all candidates that can demonstrate appropriate experience and skills but preference would be for the candidate with 2-3 years experience.