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Product Manager


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Contact: Shahar Vigdor

- 4+ Years leasing with stakeholders and development teams
- Well versed in the technical aspects of web development: Web services, Front-end, Backend, Databases, Servers etc.
- Solid understanding of software development life-cycle, from conception to QA and deployment.
- Work experience building and defining product requirements for e-commerce or fashion related web sites
- Proven work experience managing multiple projects and roadmaps
- Can express product requirements and user experience flows on wireframes and prototypes, including UX
- Mobile development experience highly desirable (responsive design, native app development)
- A strong talented person. Knows to work with people in different levels
- Define product goals and strategy
- Experienced in building complicated b2c websites with focus on social communities, magazines, e commerce
- Experienced in building, understanding, running and working on analytic programs and processes (business and tech)
- strong understanding and experienced of user behaviour, especially women in the fashion/art/music/life style industries
- A person that overviews the big picture, but also goes into the smallest details
- A one man show that is responsible for his deliverables (no direct team to manage at the moment), with strong loyalty, dedication and motivation
- someone who knows the start up industry and understand the challenges of a small company that want to win the world
- A strong advantage is experience in product marketing