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Systems Developer

Where: Harris + Hoole

Date Posted:

Contact: Kester Dobson

We are a rapidly growing brick-and-mortar coffee shop startup (from 3 to 22 shops in the last year), bringing better coffee to the high street. We also have our sights set on being market leaders in technology and innovation, and have just launched phase 1 of our mobile app (

We are looking for tech hire #2 who will support and improve the day to day systems used in HQ and our shops. Lots of opportunity for process improvement and automation, as well as getting stuck in to web app development (Ruby at the moment, but whatever fits), data design (D3.js dashboarding, server push) and our strategic projects (the mobile app is a preview of things to come).

This is a great place to solve problems and build stuff for a physical business. You can also drink as much coffee as you can handle!