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Contact: Kerry Michael

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We are launching a brand new crowdsourced translation app for localising content and websites and we require a professional app built initially for iphone and android.

Similar apps include , Flitto, My Gengo, Onehourtranslation, and Viki but we would like a slightly different look and feel. The most important part is the functionality where we would like customers to order translation instantly by submitting files, typing text, speaking or submitting photographs or scanned documents and we would also like our crowd-sourced translators to login and work on projects immediately and simultaneously via their facebook or twitter accounts. Part of the software should also have the ability to section segments of content to assign to various translators with a good feedback and review system. Translators should be able to work simultaniously enabling them to correct each other’s work. The administrators should be able to identify volunteer translators from professional translators in order to assign work for more corporate and professional requests.

Ideally you would have experience of building a similar app and with integrating API's. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Description of requirements/functionality: It is also important and crucial for us to integrate an existing open source (or other wise) translation management system and translation memory that we will initially use and the website needs to be integrated with this API.

Kindly let us know if you can assist with this project.