Job Detail

Android Developer and Part-Time Rocket Scientist

Where: Moonshot Solutions

Date Posted:

Contact: Lari Numminen


TBD / Basen on experience

I'm looking for an android developer who is able to lead an early stage prototype / MVP development.

About the project:

Moonshot is a company that builds companies. Founded by an ex-Google online sales and marketing strategist, we aim to build products and services that are not just 10% , but 10x better than competitors.

(Freelance) Android Developer

Working initially as a freelancer, there would be potential to join full-time as co-founder and gain equity.

- Extensive experience in Android platform and SDK
- Capable of full stack development
- Client and server sides
- Proficient in Java
- Portfolio of previous projects

- experience developing VoIP / SIP
- media server development
- experience with the Google App Engine
- experience with open source
- experience of git / github.