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UI/UX Front end dev Latitude Cloud based design agency

Where: Latitude

Date Posted:

Contact: Kim Ing

+44 20 8638 0981

£50 - £55k

Job Description
Are you a web designer and a front end developer in one? Do you love writing javascript for a page you designed in CSS or Photoshop? Can you follow a styleguide and existing code base to create new page layouts and features?
As a new business, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our service offering with unique and forward thinking technologies. As one member of a Tech Team of three (Project Lead, Front-End Developer and Tech Lead/Back-End Developer), your role will be varied and of high impact and responsibility on the business.

- Create CSS mockups based on business requirements.
- Have an affinity for consistency, color use, typography, and pixel perfection.
- Researching UI/UX marketing design practices based on metrics and empirical studies.
- Producing beautifully prototyped designs and trailed by fire in ongoing remote/on-site usability testing.
- Aware of cross-browser compatibility and optimization techniques, including IE9+.
- Continuous testing in mobile and tablet.
- Write responsive CSS layouts with Bootstrap.
- Work remotely.

- Responsive design in CSS.
- Experience writing clean javascript.
- Strong communication skills with experiencing using project management software, such as Pivotal Tracker and Basecamp.
- MVC (Model View Controller) experience.
- Knowledge of jQuery and jQuery plugins.
- Web design background

Very Desirable:
- Strong web design or information architecture portfolio.
- Designing UIs by an existing style guide.
- Use of Bootstrap or a grid-based responsive layout framework.
- Use of SASS, Rails asset pipeline, and of the Rails stack.
- Intermediate to advanced JavaScript knowledge.
- Understanding of AMD, such as required .js, for loading of assets.
- Ruby experience.
- Experience maintaining a pre-existing code base.
- Ad or digital agency experience.
- Experience using Git and