Campus Office Hours
Campus office hours

Need some expert one-on-one advice? Each week, you can gain valuable insight on online marketing, UI/UX design, Android app monetization, and more from Googlers who specialise in the area of discussion.

Since launch, Office Hours has helped hundreds of startups benefit from the insight of experienced Googlers.

Campus Talks
Campus talks

At Campus, we inspire our community by opening our doors to some of the world’s most outstanding thinkers.

We regularly welcome thought leaders and inspirational entrepreneurs to spread their wisdom. We’ve been lucky enough to host influential entrepreneurs such as Eric Schmidt, Jimmy Wales, Guy Kawasaki, and Dan Pink.

EDU Workshops
Campus EDU workshops

Campus EDU workshops are designed to educate early-stage entrepreneurs.

Full day sessions cover topics such as business skills, design, marketing, law, finance, and technology. All classes are delivered by Campus EDU’s partners, including universities, specialist corporate partners, and successful entrepreneurs.

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